” Until getting the divine revelation… “


It was a very beautiful day today in San Francisco!

It would have been great for going to beach, hiking in the woods of Golden Gate Park…brah brah brah…..

But the reality is always a bit different.

Now I have found that I had been stuck in front of my dear Mac all the day today.
Today, I had spend all my day on creating the draft of new image for my new painting!

Until God’s divine revelation come down, Artists are just a regular people.  I have got an e-mail before from also a Japanese woodblock Artist, Ayu, ” Today, I moved a wood board from table A to table B. that’s all. humm it made me hungry.  I will get on my work tomorrow”… So without getting any special inspiration, we are just a whimsical lazy cats.

Well, the month before last, I had painted “Aquarius” in my 12 signs series in the image of androgynous. But it seemed too eccentric.


So, last month, I had painted Buddhism statue face. 


Now, the purificaton ceremony is done* so this month, I will be back to the 12 sign series again.

I am going to paint “Pisces”.
This is my sign – while Mr. Eric who has been my awesome horoscope reader insists that the most of my stars gathered in Aquarius in his chart – so, I am now talking with myself in the mirror to pull out the image.

Ok,  gotta get back to work!

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