” I Got In! “


ArtSlant May showcase competition has ended. And I got in!
My “YUME_Dream” is now on their May Showcase Exhibition page which is connected from ArtSlant home front page.


In the month of April, most of the time of my mornings and evenings had been spent on this vote collecting works. I am so exhausted!

But I am so happy now.

I really appreciate with friends’ supports for my Art. and I have really learned how the people connections work to make bigger powers.


Regarding to those competition stuff, honestly, till now, I have not joined to such events before so much. It is because in most cases, they take expensive (at least for struggling artist like me*) submission fee up front from each artists and all juries processes are carried out on the back. We even do not know where the money goes. *~* And at the end, they pick weird art (at least for me*) as the winner, and only a few artists can get spot light from there.

But this ArtSlant competition is very easy to get in. $2 fee is very reasonable and easy to take out from pocket even for such a poor emerging artist like me. ~smile*
And then, they give artists chances for some exposure on the entry page which is connecting from their website front page through whole the voting time.

When the voting ends, higher vote ranking artists can get the spot on a major page of the site for one year to get wider exposure to all over the world, even the artwork is not selected by final juries judgment. I think this voting system is a good system since the harder you work, the better result you can get*, it is not just waiting for”some stranger’s judge”.

Anyway, now, the party is over… I feel a little lonely now. ~smile*


More than talking about winning games, the biggest harvest I got from here was so many new connections with other artists all over the world.

Being different from the last March round where artists rather competed independently and isolatedly, In this May round, artists started tagging each others to exchanging votes and comments every days. And those relation brought us closer feeling each others.

This Grandpa Ray Wolf in Kansas is a guy whom I competed very hard in the last March round. I hated him* -Ofcause kidding! don’t tell him *~* But in this new round, for some reason, he had become my best pal to exchange vote and information every day.
Also, Kim Rahal in Chicago, Abdeliah Akhdiin New York, Whaley Turco in New jersey, Nalini Bhat in Pennsylvania, etc, etc…….
See? Now I can travel around US without any hotel reservations!

Not only in US, Ildiko Szegszardy in Hungary whose country has the same roots as Japan, Ana Krstic in Serbia, Eirini Baka in Greece, Seshadri Sreenivasan in India…..
Now I am ready to pack my suitcase for starting world tour! *~*

It is warm feeling.

Till now, I had been just an isolated foreigner artist in San Francisco.
Like this….



But no more.

Today, working on painting in my room alone, I can also feel energies from other artists’ lives who are working on their art now like this in everywhere in the world. (maybe some are sleeping now on the other side of the earth*) I wish they are feeling the same.


Through and after this event, my e-mail box and my ArtSlant profile comment part have started getting ton of messages from artists and their families, sweethearts, dog and cats, whatever…… from all over the world every days.
Each artists bring me amazing stories about their country in their live voices.
After coming to America, leaving my own country Japan, I was thinking that America is very different from Japan. But compare with those brain wash differences I have heard from other artists here, the difference between Japan and America is not so big deal. Basically, Japan has a lot of influence from American cultures in the young age life.

Today, I would like to share one story from Ana‘ s letter about the system of Artist in her country Serbia.

“I must ask you one more thing. Can you live from art only in US? Are you a member of some association ? I’m asking because the situation in my country is like this, artists, we can’t live from art only, usually artists work in schools, primary or high ..But to get a free artist status I must be a member of our national association, usually its very hard to get IN, and i must have 3 solo exhibitions, with catalog and art critics written by professors (usually 1) of history of art, or to have 16 group exhibitions, 2 awards and 2-3 public works like mural or mosaic. Then, with that status, the association will pay insurance and retirement, but of course i must have exhibitions during the year. They will accept only pregnancy/army for men. In the end of the year i must (always must) give them all catalogues of all my exhibitions like evidence. Women must do that 25 years, men 30. After that for example, I will be free, will keep my free artist status, will be still a member, but i ‘m free of all those complicated works, like running to have exhibitions everywhere, searching for professors etc..It is complicated with law. I need to read it always,to prepare myself for any case ..If i wanted to read laws , i would be a lawyer right ? not an artist! Many many roles.”


In her country, it sounds like to be an Artist is as hard as to be a doctor* …???

Being an Artist here in San Francisco which is one of the largest art city in the world, her story is amazing. In San Francisco, everybody can be an artist. if you create something and exhibit the work in public, then you can say ” Hey! I am an artist”* even dogs and horses are sometimes on TV as “artists”.
But if you can be an artist and if you can live as an artist is a totally different story here though….

Anyway, a photo which I sent her seems to have made her so surprised.
It was an photo of my exhibition at an Italian boutique at Castro street in San Francisco. (“AranciatAmera” 526 Castro Street-2nd Floor SF, CA)




I have been showing my paintings at this cool boutique for more than 4 years now.
I was lucky. When the owner Alfio opened his boutique, I answered his artist call ad on craigslist.org. In San Francsico, too many artist competitions are going on, so he must have got many submissions from other artists, but his interest in my country Japan would help me to get the luck to be picked adding to my artwork. *~* Also his personality was nice. Usually, in those exhibitions at cafe, restaurants and boutiques..etc… they want to rotate artists once in a few months, so even you get a spot one month, next month, different artist is showing his works on the walls. But this Alfio never change his artist *so far*. It might because he is from Italy, not from busy San Francisco* I have heard that Italian people are very family oriented, so maybe they take long relation and friendship more important than shallow wider ‘connections’ which big busy city make?




My one more fortune was that the area of the boutique was on the Castro street which is famous as the fancy ‘gay’ street world wide* I like the energy of gay people hold. especially, in San Francisco, a lot of gay people are rich and fashionable. Their life style make many great Art Patrons here in San Francisco.


It is another rainy day.

Now I gotta get on image making of my new painting.

Talk to you later!*

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  1. That’s a good picture of you, Hiroko! Thanks for sharing these perspectives.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment! wish your great success in your music*~* hiroko

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