” My first book illustration project! “


As you may already have noticed, I’ve taken a break from shows since last month.

Yeah, guess what?

I’ve got my first book illustration project! which has kept me chained in front of my easel. 30 paintings are coming up for this book and the deadline is the last of this December. It means, I have to finish 5-7 paintings per each month…. Wish me luck!

The title of the book is “The Purr-ple Power Cats Ventures”, which story is about very rare purple cat sisters’ adventure. I’ve fallen in love with this story as soon as I got the script.

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You can order this book online from my online gallery shop.

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Meanwhile, the interesting thing is that I have realized how modern technology gave us new possibilities. I mean… since this project started, I’ve been working mainly with a publisher and two writers. We communicate exchanging e-mails frequently and closely as if we were working sitting in a small office all together. Also, I have couple of Artist ‘co-workers’ who are working with the publisher on different stories. Our project has been going pretty well in friendly mood.

Then, OK, what I sometimes forget is that I’ve never met anyone there in person yet!

In spite of our close business relation, our each physical locations are pretty far. The publisher is in Texas, one writer is in South California, other one is in Michigan and I am here in San Francisco. The artist who brought me this project is living in Canada. Other two are German and Japanese.

It is all thanks to this modern internet technology. I could never even imagine this situation 15 years ago when I was still working at my studio in Japan where all projects had to start with visiting clients office every days for business meetings.

Anyway, the book is scheduled for release in April 2011. I am now in the very middle of creating illustrations.

Again, please do not forget to make pre-order*

Hiroko Sakai Fine Art Gallery Online Shop -Books


Thank you!

Have a beautiful day~*



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