” Life “


I can not believe that it has already passed 10 years since I started my new life in San Francisco. Anyhow, this decade was a surreal storm to me.

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This painting,

"Slough – What I’ve left behind the fence to survive in this strange city…"

I have painted this piece around the time when the SF zoo tragedy happened on the Christmas day 2007.  


At that day,
My daughter and I were visiting the zoo, and we had left the zoo just before half an hour when the tiger attack happened.

Here is a video about the news;

san francisco zoo tiger attack news, tiger attack, tatiana, sam francisco zoo


I had been so traumatized with this shocking incident that I had kept chasing the news for a while… And after all, I realized that I might have had got through the same place as the tiger… being stuck in very different world from her own one and as soon as she behaved as what she was, she got killed…

But I have survived in this totally strange city San Francisco…

It is because I had chosen to adjust myself to this new life throwing my ‘fur’ away leaving behind the fence before I got out there…

If you are curious about my black comedy, please take a peek at this page
-> ” A life path why I’ve ended up to be in San Francisco “


Anyway, I am here now.

Today is always the first day of the rest of my life. I just keep living this life.



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  1. Thank you for sharing this. The more I get to know you, Hiroko, the more honored I am to have met you.

    • Thank you, Medussa! you are so sweet to give me such a lovely word. i am also very happy that you found my art. you motivated me to make more medusa series in the near future* (for some reason, i have been attracted to medusa and sagittarius for my art theme) i am very much looking forward to your medusa blog, too.

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