” My personality by Eric’s chart “


I’ve got this personality reading of mine from my siderealist friend Eric Seligson in NY, who is one of my greatest art supporters and has been reading my chart for years and All has been quite accurate*
In regular horoscope, I am Pisces (born on March 2nd), but I’d been feeling I was a bit different from those sweet sign. This explains a lot. -P*

Visit Eric’s reading site here>> siderealist.com


aquarius, aquarius painting, zodiac sign painting, zodiac symbol, eccentric angel, cool painting, cool nude In Sidereal, your sun sign is Aquarius, the sign of harmony and freedom. "Equalité, Liberté and Fraternaté" is like the slogan for you. Aquarius breaks all the rules.

Meanwhile, little frightened pink rabbit Pisces is dreaming and play acting, helping small animals and wanting the world to revolve around them.
Your moon is also in Aquarius, as is your Mercury, Saturn AND Venus. This makes you inventive, independent, and a great humanitarian. You can extract yourself at a moment’s notice when the situation starts to disintegrate. Drifting away in the breeze back to your world in the sky.

Your world is UNIQUE. There is truly no other person like you, period. You are not typical. You are permanently divided from the rest of humanity, yet you can collect data on all their passions and fears. Your loneliness and alienation from the grubby, ugly reality most people live is like a driving idealism. Not the passive kind from a Pisces, but an aggreessive, active, energetic idealism, where you live your ideals every day. You show by example what freedom really means. You and you alone are the master of yourself, ultimately, and you must always rule yourself.
You will only be partially happy with the men who want to possess or protect you (same thing). Do they offer COMPLETE FREEDOM as well? No man will or can give you providence over your own sexuality, at least voluntarily. You have a powerful Aquarius world view and unexpurgated sexual ethic that dominates your entire perspective. Nothing or no one can change you. Only you have that power, that towers over the petty sectarian divisions and prejudices of others. An aquarius never gives that power away like the weak-willed Pisces victim, the filleted fish, who does give it away, again and again until they are destroyed.

Leo, Lio,  Lio painting, zodiac sign painting, zodiac symbol, sexy, leg, lionWhy are you so determined to rule over yourself, and eventually, others? Because of the Mars, Uranus and Pluto in Leo, the fiery, proud leader, who must dominate and kill, the predator. Even (your) Jupiter, the fat, good time planet, is run by impetuous and rash, bossy Aries, always on the move. The only peaceful planet you own is Neptune, in sleepy Libra, where your can art gushes forth (in spurts, of course, and with a lot of hand-wringing and indecision)
You can only get to your art when you resolve the two extremes in your chart. The "sweet" Aquarius live-and-let-live self, always aloof and distant from the mobs, and your other, blood lusting Leo/Aries self, the side of you that can never be tamed, the side of you that tracks down the victim and eats them. All the while, like the impartial artist dissecting her own life, you are taking in these images, feelings, balancing your angry Plutonian sexual hunger against the altruistic, lofty ideals of your Moon and gentle, kind Venus, which rules your relationships. People see you as cool and collected, not the raging tiger you also can be. When they look at the art, that’s when they see the hidden complexities of you. People look at your secrets and then brand themselves with their own desires, awakening what they have tried to bury. You have to be careful when you have such a huge emotional impact on people. My father also used to say, "Watch out when you take away someone’s crutch"

Professionally, you have to ask yourself what kind of person wants to put their darkest secret up on their wall for all to see. This is the person who wants to buy your work but is too ashamed to do it. To buy a picture of their deepest fear, or desire, or both, would be an act of courage and a way to reveal yourself. So far only gay people are that much at home with their sexuality in that way, so that they could reveal their buried needs, but they are afraid of women’s sexuality, trying to create a manageable facsimile.
My father used to say "know your market", and talk to them directly. You can ignore the galleries that are scared of your stuff, their reaction is understandable. They are selling pictures that are supposed to fade away behind the beige sofa into oblivion, and match the wall color. They select art to help buyers disguise the anguish they feel, the longing, the emptiness, not to reveal it and display it.

cool painting, reveal your heart, eye painting, inspiring paintingYou are a bomb, waiting to explode. But instead of killing people, your bomb will liberate them. Your art will free them from their shame, their guilt, their fear of discovery. You have to find the people who want to use your art for personal liberation, or to shock people so that they stop and stare. Forget the decorators looking for beige. You shock people in San Francisco! Where people come from all over the world to get laid! People flock here for sexual freedom, which is what you offer them in an instant of recognition. People looking at your art either stand transfixed or run away as fast as they can. You will have no market in between, unless you change your style (Imagine your Aquarius self doing that? HA!).
So keep doing what you need to do and make the world suit itself to you, whatever the cost. They will have to accept you, they have no choice. Keep doing it.


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