” I am a cat… “


cat, cat drawing, black and white drawing, drawing, cool art, tear, eye, hiroko sakaiI am a cat,
brought from far, far away.
Since I was thrown into this city, I have survived here alone.
Getting through the many cold/miserable nights in the dark corners of the streets,
I have yearned for the warmth of the lights coming through windows of the sweet family house.
Somebody want to invite me in?
I know the tricks of the sweets in your pocket.
You must not forget that even a tiny kitten has pride and hidden sharp claws.
Please seek me out.
cat, cat drawing, black and white drawing, drawing, cool art, tear, eye, hiroko sakai

You could see me taking a nap on a high branch in a maple tree on a fine day, or in the window of an old book store on a rainy day.

Whatever you could take from love in this world, I can give you a sweet heaven, If you can give me the lap to curl up on …
-So I can purr like a little kitten forever.



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  1. I like this post about being the cat in the city. Sometimes cats get lucky with nice family, and sometimes that cat is in family ‘just think it’s cute’ but do not get to KNOW the cat. the cat finds the nice family then the family get to KNOW the cat and the cat KNOWS the family and then they go through life together as family with cat or cat with family instead of everyone just think everyone else so cute, but nobody get to know each other.

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