” Interview from Artpromotivate “


Writer : Graham Matthews
Original URL : http://www.artpromotivate.com/2012/03/hiroko-sakai-contemporary-japanese.html

Artist Spotlight – Hiroko Sakai
Contemporary Japanese Artist from San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Artist Introduction

I am an Artist, originally from Japan, and has been living and working in San Francisco.

surrealism painting, fantasy painting, life painting, bird painting, skyscraper, eye painting, rope walking painting, feather falling from sky, inspiring, figurative paintingArtistic Style

I am a painter. I am not sure what style is my art….. maybe you can tell from my website.
One thing I can say is my art is the ‘communication’. I am a Japanese who has problem to communicate in different language here some times. But through my art, I can express what I have inside freely and can connect to people’s heart.


I am an oil painter.

I used to work on my art with various mediums, such as air brush, pastel, tile mosaic, etc… but after all, I ended up captured by oil. I love oil.
I feel that Oil is the basis of paintings.
When I paint in Oil, I feel as though I’m sharing inspirations with old masters. And the slow dry process of Oil gives me plenty of time to communicate with my canvas, giving me time to think as much as I need.

Japanese surrealism painting, Japanese fantasy art, Japanesque, surrealism oil painting, Asian art, Japanese art, Japaense garden, bamboo, fantasy fine art painting, koi fish oil painting

I am a self taught artist, so I do not know if I have any technique to boast to the world*
Humm…. but on the other hand, since I did not learned my art from outside, I can say all my art comes from my inside.
If you have some time, please take a peek at here > About Hiroko Sakai


The theme of my art is… I think ‘Life’. All what I get through, all what I feel… in my life can be the theme of my art.

Why do you create art?

Because I live and exist.

How often do you create?

Except the time I am sleeping, eating, taking bath, etc…??
Oh, but art marketing takes a lot of my time, like this* but still typing my keyboard, new images are going on in my mind.


My Art is often compared with Salvador Dali’s because of melting clock, but honestly, I have not seen Dali’s work so much…. one of my true inspirations is from Frida Kahlo for her naked expression of her emotions in her life, also I like Norman Rockwell’s way to express life in humorous and intellectual way. I feel the depth of life from his works while his painting surface are… what you call… easy going?

love, lovers painting, love bird painting, surrealism painting, fantasy art, melting clock, snake, eye painting, moon, apple tree, night, figurative oil painting

Do you make a living with your art?

I am trying….

What is your favourite two methods of art promotion?

Facebook is one of the main places right now. It is also comfortable for me who sometimes have hard time with the conversation of talking English. Exchanging short English words with my fans, I can show them my messages widely.
Also, I have started becoming more serious to express about my art on my blog… Hiroko Sakai Blog I kind of started taking interest in writing which I used not to be a big fan before. The good part of them is Medusa, Medusa art, Medusa painting, Medusa face, snake painting, myth art, sexy woman painting, stylish artwork, beautiful woman's face, Medusa fine art painting, fantasy artMedusa, Medusa art, Medusa painting, Medusa face, snake painting, myth art, sexy woman painting, stylish artwork, beautiful woman's face, Medusa fine art painting, fantasy artI can get direct responses from many different kind of people from all over the world.

Recommend a contemporary artist…

My goal is Royo.
His theme of art is totally different from mine, but I am stuck in his art since I saw his work at my first sight on his book. The light and shadow on his works are overwhelming.

Three words that describe Hiroko Sakai

A trouble maker

Please tell us something interesting in your life

The biggest thing is that I am a Japanese artist in San Francisco. I myself had never imagined that I would end up to San Francisco as a single mom artist.
It is a long story…To get here, I had got through so many black comedies, such as international marriage, domestic violence,San Francisco Asian Women’s shelter life….I hope you have some time to take a peek at my story.
> About Hiroko Sakai

Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?

10 years from now? I even do not know ifI am still alive…
I am living"today" with my art every Japanesque, Japanese art, Asian art, zen, meditation painting, Buddhism monk painting, Japanese garden, temple, buddhism painting, spiritual painting, inspiration, Buddhism monk, prayer for world peacedays.

Advice for Emerging and Upcoming Artists

Whatever other people say, you know your art the best. If your art is not accepted, it is just because they are different.
I can not explain well in English, but there are as many people as the number of the stars on the sky, so you just need to find people who have the same inspirations as yours.



Hiroko Sakai – Surreal Oil Paintings

Art Website – Hiroko Sakai Fine Art
Twitter – hirokosakai
Facebook – Hiroko Sakai Fine Art on Facebook


This is just one of several videos that Hiroko has
at Youtube of her inspiring artworks. To find more,
please search for Hiroko Sakai in the Youtube search bar.


* Visit Artpromotivate. They are full of useful art resources!


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” Art and Gift and Expression “


Being an Artist, I often wonder,
"What is Art?".

For making a life as a living thing, I don’t see so much special meanings in Art there. Only to keep our body to live, what we may need is just some simple basic things, such as food, water, air etc.. and other things could come along as subordinate matters. But still, I know that our spirits can not live without Art.

In these couple of days, my work schedule gave me a lot of hustles and I could hardly have times to be myself. In the fuss, something hazy and irritating started getting piling up in me and they kept growing to pop at the end.

But I eventually had a chance to stop for some minutes to turn on my favorite CD.
As soon as the music started, the waves of the sound surged into my stomach and I felt some beautiful strained energy started sublimating all the black fogs into the air which had been accumulated in my soul.
Feeling something in me floating up in the air to be held in clear power, my vision started fading into my inner world.

(Angela Gheorghiu : Vissi D’arte, Tosca, Puccini)


Why our souls get so shaken when we touch these special creative juices called ‘Art’?

I am a believer in the existence of the incorporeal spirits in our body. Scientifically, our bodies are composed of the sum total of the carbon. Then, why the mass of carbon can move, think and feel? Wouldn’t it be a little lame to explain them with some electrical responses?
I rather feel that our bodies are just the carriages of the spirits. The true characters of us are the shapeless form of energies we have in the core.

(Sylvie Guillem : Bolero)


"Sylvie Guillem" is already my Goddess. Her strength to control herself and her body to pursue her expression is my goal.
I saw Guillem’s Bolero in Japan in 90’s, which was sealed by her in 2005. This performance was specially danced again in 2007 for memorial stage for Maurice Bejart in Tokyo, Japan.

When I saw her stage for the first time, I got a thunder struck. I did never expect a female dancer danced this Bolero. Still Guillem’s Bolero was neutral. I felt as if I were watching a well-honed performance which is being danced in the banquet of Gods there.
I believe that is the power of Art to release our spirits to transfer to anywhere beyond times and physical distances riding on the waves of the energy that the inspirations leads, no matter where our bodies are at.

(Kseniya Simonova : Sand Animation)

People who were born with special talent are called ‘Gift".
But ‘Gift’ is not meant only to describe themselves. ‘Gift’ is also meant for their talents to be shared for us, being the mediums to transmit the God’s energy to our hearts through their various ways of expressions.

(Valentina Lisitsa : Liszt, Totentanz) 


What the mysterious power of the Gifts is, if you met them in regular daily lives, they could be quite ordinary persons, but once they stand on the stage of expressions, they transform themselves into divine possessions using their body as the transmitter of the revelation from the power above us. Those metamorphosis always give me goose bumps.


After all, I may be able to say that Art is the essential energy which feed our spirits, connecting our individual souls to the power above.

What are we artists for?
We are for showing you what you’ve wandered for to find the home of your spirit…
Today, I wrote about Gifts in third person form ‘They’, but someday, I wish the day comes when I could write ‘We’.

(Hiroko Sakai Fine Art)


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” Painting blue sky in a fine day “


I have painted this blue sky painting for the back image of my coming Panda book looking the sky of San Francisco from my window.

blue sky painting, clouds painting, sky painting, blue, oil painting, beautiful sky


red line

Here is how I painted this sky.
Click the images to see larger images.


blue sky painting, clouds painting, sky painting, blue, oil painting, beautiful sky blue sky painting, clouds painting, sky painting, blue, oil painting, beautiful sky,painting process, sky painting blue sky painting, clouds painting, sky painting, blue, oil painting, beautiful sky,painting process, sky painting
1. paint sky base 2. draw out lines of the clouds with the shadow color 3. add white
blue sky painting, clouds painting, sky painting, blue, oil painting, beautiful sky,painting process, sky painting blue sky painting, clouds painting, sky painting, blue, oil painting, beautiful sky,painting process, sky painting blue sky painting, clouds painting, sky painting, blue, oil painting, beautiful sky,painting process, sky painting
4. blending with soft fine brush after blending
blue sky painting, clouds painting, sky painting, blue, oil painting, beautiful sky,painting process, sky painting blue sky painting, clouds painting, sky painting, blue, oil painting, beautiful sky,painting process, sky painting blue sky painting, clouds painting, sky painting, blue, oil painting, beautiful sky,painting process, sky painting
5. add high light 6. blend again finish!


red line

"Okin the Panda Bear Finds his Family"
is coming with this blue sky painting in the beginning
of October 2011! Please stay tuned~*

children's book, cool children's book, panda, tiger, panther, animals, blue sky, blue panda, panda children's book, children's book illustration, gift for children, little readers, children,



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” Interview from Maria B. Villa “


Writer: Maria B. Villa
Original URL : http://mariabyoga.blogspot.com/


Interview with Hiroko Sakai

This artist´s vision gives us account of how many possibilities we have as human beings to transform our lives consciously so that we can liberate ourselves from the obstacles we experience on a daily basis. Hiroko Sakai opens her heart and soul in this interview to share her inner battles by which she has evolved as an artist. The deepness and honesty of her words, as well as her paintings, are subjects of great worship.


MB: Where were you born?

HS: I was born in a small town of northern Kyushu island of Japan.

MB: When did you start painting?

HS: It seems to me like I´ve been painting and drawing since my first breath. My school notebooks were filled with drawings.

MB: What are your major influences?

HS: My parents, they were great patrons of cultures and art in Japan, that´s why I had so many opportunities to grow artistically.

MB: What relationship can you establish between your paintings and peace of mind, body, and spirit?

zen painting, buddhism painting, mercy face, bosatsu painting, hiroko sakai, zen, asian painting, meditation, hiroko sakai fine art, miroku bosatsuHS: After having to go through many difficult experiences and after I started painting again, I became quieter and introverted but at the same time I started to reach deeper into my inner being. I am convinced that painting can make the spirit calmer, at least that´s what happens to me; the more I paint the calmer my spirit feels. I think that´s represented in my paintings.

MB: Can you tell us about an important personal experience that has marked your life and that it´s also reflected in your art?

HS: Yes, It all started several years ago when one day I suddenly got a heavy pain on my back, so I had to be taken to the hospital. The doctor said that a tumor, which size as a fist, was growing in my pelvis where the ovaries are located and that it was really difficult to check its position, he could not tell if it was benign or malignant until the surgery. If it was malignant, he said, I might not have any chance to live and even in the best case scenario I would lose my womb.

The hospital room where I was staying at was the room for cancer patients. Some ladies had already gone through surgery and some of them were waiting for their wombs to be taken out. Others were wearing scarves on their heads to hide their hair loss. That was all very shocking to me therefore I was losing all the hope left in my life. But on the other hand, I was fortunate enough to take some time to pause and look at my life, and realized that I had kept myself running all the time. It gave me some time to think deeply about my life and to see where I was standing and doing with it.

Fortunately, my tumor was benign. Thanks to GOD, I am still here to meet you today. Anyway, getting through this experience has made my artwork deep and focused; now I have time to think about my life again, which used to be so hectic. It was truly a gift from God that I could change my life for the better.

emotion, sun flower painting, depression painting, broken wing, angel wing, despair and hope, hiroko sakai, inspiring painting, tears
MB: Describe your process of healing through art. Do you think that painting can provide you with good health?

HS: Yes, I really agree so. First, after a long blank, I started drawing which helped me to sweep out all the emotions stuck in my soul. There were no colors during that difficult time. Then red came back… and blue came next. One by one, colors slowly came back on my canvas. Looking at that pattern I should say that this was my art healing process.

I had not thought about such things so intensely before but as I got through them I could see that Art has some power to heal and balance our mental state.

The creation process can bring up good and healthy feelings of achievement. Also, expressing our own originality into actual visible figures can reassure our own existence. It is like communicating with the outside world using what I have deep inside naturally.

When I got back all the colors in my drawings, I decided to start with oil painting. To be honest, I had never touched oils until then.Oil dries very slowly and in my previous job with commercial art in Japan I couldn´t use it because I was always pressed with heavy deadlines. But as an artist I´ve always wanted to paint with oil because I’ve always believed that oil is the basis of painting. And it is precisely the slow dry process of oil that attracts me the most as it gives me plenty of time to communicate with my canvas. It gives me time to think as much as I need.

MB: Is life and death a recurrent theme in your works?

zen painting, spiritual painting, butter fly, buddhism art, hand, god, rebirth, life, karma, new journeyHS: Life and death can be one of the themes in my paintings. But basically, that is not the only theme of my art. My inspiration is my own life, what I see, feel, read, and think…. every day. So many themes can be brought up as I am living and feeling every minute.

But in a sense, you might be right. I think about life and death a lot in my life, it might be because I am Japanese and was raised into the philosophy of Buddhism. In Japan, most of the people do not practice Buddhism as a religion anymore (I think), but still Buddhism has a big influence on Japanese people and teaches them to learn how to live, appreciation and humbleness, and harmony towards other people. One of my biggest influence is how Japanese think about life and death. It’s really hard to explain it in English, but Japanese have the belief of "Rinne Tensho", which means life repeats. The body is just a carriage of your spirit in this life, the spirit lives forever and from time to time. Our spirits are sent to this world to learn and get trained, and afterwards it goes back to heaven again, death is just the expiration of the physical body.
I keep that as a constant reminder, in a sense birth is the start and death is also the start of life. I’m so much interested in this process of life and death, and I’m also very curious of what would happen next, when my body expires.

MB: In your webpage you talk about how hard it was for you to move to North America, about being in exile. Can you elaborate a little bit more about that? And in what way is that represented in your artwork?

HS: What brought me to San Francisco was my marriage 11 years ago, after that I became a single mother and a struggling artist. I got married to an American man (half Japanese) who gave me extremely warm support and encouragement when I was hospitalized. After getting married, he went back to the US because he had to arrange his American life so he could move to Japan to live with me. But he did not come back for months. During that time, I found out I was pregnant and to make a long story short, it was me who had to move to the US. My new life in a far away country had started with a big belly, a difficult language, and domestic violence. I found help at an Asian Woman’s shelter in San Francisco.

life painting, hiroko sakai, rope walking, feather, angel, bird, skyscraper painting, eye painting, emotion, cool paintingI had lost everything, my studio, my career, I had spent all my savings on moving expenses and compensation for my staff (months of salaries and equipment lease…). Anyway, now I believe that it was worth the lesson.Before I came to America, I was such a naive and silly girl. Then I got a chance to survive in San Francisco for almost 10 years. I am pretty happy with the strength that I´ve developed over the years as I learned to get over the hell I was living. To keep custody of my daughter, I couldn´t leave California until she became 18. But I finally got my life back, I’m quite satisfied of what I have done and what I am working on, and also my future possibilities here. I believe that now I’m headed in the right direction toward my success.
Those experiences lead me to obtain the “strength" and "independence" evident in my art. As you are one, I am also a survivor who is still struggling on the pass to keep working towards my dreams and future. I believe that my life is one of the most blessed lives in the world because I have found what I am meant to do on this Earth and what I want to do from now on. As long as I am an Artist, I can never fail my life.

Whatever your dreams are, as long as you keep working towards them, you cannot fail. There might be a lot of traps waiting for you in the way, which would disappoint you and generate doubts but as long as you keep going, all of them would tune up to reach your goals eventually. There is no storm which does not get over. After the storm is gone, a beautiful day will come again.

San Francisco, with its vibrant arts and culture, became my second home and was a source of much inspiration. For a while, I felt disadvantaged because I was a foreigner learning a second language. Now I know that my differences are also my strengths and I can combine my Japanese and American background to produce a powerful and unique art work.

artist, artist painting, hiroko sakai, masks, mask painting, cool painting, funny painting, noh maskMB: What are some of the most important philosophical concerns for you as an artist?

HS: My philosophical concerns as an artist…. hum. I have never thought about those kinds of things. It is so natural for me to live as an artist, so when I paint I do not think so much about complicated things… I just let out what I have inside and spread it on my canvas. If there is something you feel from my art that would be my philosophy.

MB: Does your work fill your needs as an artist but also the needs of our time and the contemporary art scene?

HS: Honestly, I do not know the answer for this question yet. I just started my new career in San Francisco as an oil painter only 5 years ago, I changed my career from a commercial artist in Japan, so I need much more time to find out where my art is going to. Actually, I’m at the beginning of changing my art marketing views, until now I had worked on my art marketing in a very traditional way, just repeating gallery submissions. I realized that in this huge competition of artists, it´s like throwing stones in the ocean. Especially because the galleries like art that sells, the kind of art which would go well at rich people house walls, sorry I am a bit mean, ha ha. But I consider that my art is not part of a wall paper. Have you watched the movie “Tea with Mussolini’? I do not remember it exactly, but I think in the movie, there was a scene where the heroine is talking with paintings in a room specially made for them, she was owning paintings like her inspiring books, soul mates to talk to….I want my art to be adopted by that kind of people, by those who are sensible to it, not the people who are just looking for expensive wall decorations.

A great friend named Eric, who´s also an artist, once told me: My father used to say: "know your market and talk to them directly¨. You can ignore the galleries that are scared of your stuff, their reaction is understandable. They are selling pictures that are supposed to fade away behind the beige sofa into oblivion, and match the wall color. They select art to help buyers disguise the anguish they feel, the longing, the emptiness, not to reveal it and display it. You are a bomb waiting to explode. But instead of killing people, your bomb will liberate them. Your art will free them from their shame, their guilt, their fear of discovery. You have to find the people who want to use your art for personal liberation, or to shock people so that they stop and stare. Forget the decorators looking for beige. You shock people in San Francisco! Where people come from all over the world to get laid! People flock here for sexual freedom, which is what you offer them in an instant of recognition. People looking at your art either stand transfixed or run away as fast as they can. You will have no market in between unless you change your style.


Thank you, Maria!

If you are interested in "Hiroko’s Path", you can learn more here.
” A life path why I’ve ended up to be in San Francisco “

artist speech, artist life path, artist life, japanese artist, hiroko sakai, lindsay speech


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” Life “


I can not believe that it has already passed 10 years since I started my new life in San Francisco. Anyhow, this decade was a surreal storm to me.

tiger, tiger skin, san francisco zoo, tiger attack, original oil painting, tiger painting, artist life, cool painting,san francisco, unique oil painting, san francisco painting, bamboo, cross, hiroko sakai, fine art, inspiring, night painting


This painting,

"Slough – What I’ve left behind the fence to survive in this strange city…"

I have painted this piece around the time when the SF zoo tragedy happened on the Christmas day 2007.  


At that day,
My daughter and I were visiting the zoo, and we had left the zoo just before half an hour when the tiger attack happened.

Here is a video about the news;

san francisco zoo tiger attack news, tiger attack, tatiana, sam francisco zoo


I had been so traumatized with this shocking incident that I had kept chasing the news for a while… And after all, I realized that I might have had got through the same place as the tiger… being stuck in very different world from her own one and as soon as she behaved as what she was, she got killed…

But I have survived in this totally strange city San Francisco…

It is because I had chosen to adjust myself to this new life throwing my ‘fur’ away leaving behind the fence before I got out there…

If you are curious about my black comedy, please take a peek at this page
-> ” A life path why I’ve ended up to be in San Francisco “


Anyway, I am here now.

Today is always the first day of the rest of my life. I just keep living this life.



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” My first book illustration project! “


As you may already have noticed, I’ve taken a break from shows since last month.

Yeah, guess what?

I’ve got my first book illustration project! which has kept me chained in front of my easel. 30 paintings are coming up for this book and the deadline is the last of this December. It means, I have to finish 5-7 paintings per each month…. Wish me luck!

The title of the book is “The Purr-ple Power Cats Ventures”, which story is about very rare purple cat sisters’ adventure. I’ve fallen in love with this story as soon as I got the script.

hiroko sakai, children book, heart warming children book, purple cat, cat story, gift for kids, gift for children, baby gift, book, artist book, cool book

You can order this book online from my online gallery shop.

Please check it out! >> Hiroko Sakai Fine Art Gallery Online Shop -Books

Meanwhile, the interesting thing is that I have realized how modern technology gave us new possibilities. I mean… since this project started, I’ve been working mainly with a publisher and two writers. We communicate exchanging e-mails frequently and closely as if we were working sitting in a small office all together. Also, I have couple of Artist ‘co-workers’ who are working with the publisher on different stories. Our project has been going pretty well in friendly mood.

Then, OK, what I sometimes forget is that I’ve never met anyone there in person yet!

In spite of our close business relation, our each physical locations are pretty far. The publisher is in Texas, one writer is in South California, other one is in Michigan and I am here in San Francisco. The artist who brought me this project is living in Canada. Other two are German and Japanese.

It is all thanks to this modern internet technology. I could never even imagine this situation 15 years ago when I was still working at my studio in Japan where all projects had to start with visiting clients office every days for business meetings.

Anyway, the book is scheduled for release in April 2011. I am now in the very middle of creating illustrations.

Again, please do not forget to make pre-order*

Hiroko Sakai Fine Art Gallery Online Shop -Books


Thank you!

Have a beautiful day~*



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” I Got In! “


ArtSlant May showcase competition has ended. And I got in!
My “YUME_Dream” is now on their May Showcase Exhibition page which is connected from ArtSlant home front page.


In the month of April, most of the time of my mornings and evenings had been spent on this vote collecting works. I am so exhausted!

But I am so happy now.

I really appreciate with friends’ supports for my Art. and I have really learned how the people connections work to make bigger powers.


Regarding to those competition stuff, honestly, till now, I have not joined to such events before so much. It is because in most cases, they take expensive (at least for struggling artist like me*) submission fee up front from each artists and all juries processes are carried out on the back. We even do not know where the money goes. *~* And at the end, they pick weird art (at least for me*) as the winner, and only a few artists can get spot light from there.

But this ArtSlant competition is very easy to get in. $2 fee is very reasonable and easy to take out from pocket even for such a poor emerging artist like me. ~smile*
And then, they give artists chances for some exposure on the entry page which is connecting from their website front page through whole the voting time.

When the voting ends, higher vote ranking artists can get the spot on a major page of the site for one year to get wider exposure to all over the world, even the artwork is not selected by final juries judgment. I think this voting system is a good system since the harder you work, the better result you can get*, it is not just waiting for”some stranger’s judge”.

Anyway, now, the party is over… I feel a little lonely now. ~smile*


More than talking about winning games, the biggest harvest I got from here was so many new connections with other artists all over the world.

Being different from the last March round where artists rather competed independently and isolatedly, In this May round, artists started tagging each others to exchanging votes and comments every days. And those relation brought us closer feeling each others.

This Grandpa Ray Wolf in Kansas is a guy whom I competed very hard in the last March round. I hated him* -Ofcause kidding! don’t tell him *~* But in this new round, for some reason, he had become my best pal to exchange vote and information every day.
Also, Kim Rahal in Chicago, Abdeliah Akhdiin New York, Whaley Turco in New jersey, Nalini Bhat in Pennsylvania, etc, etc…….
See? Now I can travel around US without any hotel reservations!

Not only in US, Ildiko Szegszardy in Hungary whose country has the same roots as Japan, Ana Krstic in Serbia, Eirini Baka in Greece, Seshadri Sreenivasan in India…..
Now I am ready to pack my suitcase for starting world tour! *~*

It is warm feeling.

Till now, I had been just an isolated foreigner artist in San Francisco.
Like this….



But no more.

Today, working on painting in my room alone, I can also feel energies from other artists’ lives who are working on their art now like this in everywhere in the world. (maybe some are sleeping now on the other side of the earth*) I wish they are feeling the same.


Through and after this event, my e-mail box and my ArtSlant profile comment part have started getting ton of messages from artists and their families, sweethearts, dog and cats, whatever…… from all over the world every days.
Each artists bring me amazing stories about their country in their live voices.
After coming to America, leaving my own country Japan, I was thinking that America is very different from Japan. But compare with those brain wash differences I have heard from other artists here, the difference between Japan and America is not so big deal. Basically, Japan has a lot of influence from American cultures in the young age life.

Today, I would like to share one story from Ana‘ s letter about the system of Artist in her country Serbia.

“I must ask you one more thing. Can you live from art only in US? Are you a member of some association ? I’m asking because the situation in my country is like this, artists, we can’t live from art only, usually artists work in schools, primary or high ..But to get a free artist status I must be a member of our national association, usually its very hard to get IN, and i must have 3 solo exhibitions, with catalog and art critics written by professors (usually 1) of history of art, or to have 16 group exhibitions, 2 awards and 2-3 public works like mural or mosaic. Then, with that status, the association will pay insurance and retirement, but of course i must have exhibitions during the year. They will accept only pregnancy/army for men. In the end of the year i must (always must) give them all catalogues of all my exhibitions like evidence. Women must do that 25 years, men 30. After that for example, I will be free, will keep my free artist status, will be still a member, but i ‘m free of all those complicated works, like running to have exhibitions everywhere, searching for professors etc..It is complicated with law. I need to read it always,to prepare myself for any case ..If i wanted to read laws , i would be a lawyer right ? not an artist! Many many roles.”


In her country, it sounds like to be an Artist is as hard as to be a doctor* …???

Being an Artist here in San Francisco which is one of the largest art city in the world, her story is amazing. In San Francisco, everybody can be an artist. if you create something and exhibit the work in public, then you can say ” Hey! I am an artist”* even dogs and horses are sometimes on TV as “artists”.
But if you can be an artist and if you can live as an artist is a totally different story here though….

Anyway, a photo which I sent her seems to have made her so surprised.
It was an photo of my exhibition at an Italian boutique at Castro street in San Francisco. (“AranciatAmera” 526 Castro Street-2nd Floor SF, CA)




I have been showing my paintings at this cool boutique for more than 4 years now.
I was lucky. When the owner Alfio opened his boutique, I answered his artist call ad on craigslist.org. In San Francsico, too many artist competitions are going on, so he must have got many submissions from other artists, but his interest in my country Japan would help me to get the luck to be picked adding to my artwork. *~* Also his personality was nice. Usually, in those exhibitions at cafe, restaurants and boutiques..etc… they want to rotate artists once in a few months, so even you get a spot one month, next month, different artist is showing his works on the walls. But this Alfio never change his artist *so far*. It might because he is from Italy, not from busy San Francisco* I have heard that Italian people are very family oriented, so maybe they take long relation and friendship more important than shallow wider ‘connections’ which big busy city make?




My one more fortune was that the area of the boutique was on the Castro street which is famous as the fancy ‘gay’ street world wide* I like the energy of gay people hold. especially, in San Francisco, a lot of gay people are rich and fashionable. Their life style make many great Art Patrons here in San Francisco.


It is another rainy day.

Now I gotta get on image making of my new painting.

Talk to you later!*

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” Until getting the divine revelation… “


It was a very beautiful day today in San Francisco!

It would have been great for going to beach, hiking in the woods of Golden Gate Park…brah brah brah…..

But the reality is always a bit different.

Now I have found that I had been stuck in front of my dear Mac all the day today.
Today, I had spend all my day on creating the draft of new image for my new painting!

Until God’s divine revelation come down, Artists are just a regular people.  I have got an e-mail before from also a Japanese woodblock Artist, Ayu, ” Today, I moved a wood board from table A to table B. that’s all. humm it made me hungry.  I will get on my work tomorrow”… So without getting any special inspiration, we are just a whimsical lazy cats.

Well, the month before last, I had painted “Aquarius” in my 12 signs series in the image of androgynous. But it seemed too eccentric.


So, last month, I had painted Buddhism statue face. 


Now, the purificaton ceremony is done* so this month, I will be back to the 12 sign series again.

I am going to paint “Pisces”.
This is my sign – while Mr. Eric who has been my awesome horoscope reader insists that the most of my stars gathered in Aquarius in his chart – so, I am now talking with myself in the mirror to pull out the image.

Ok,  gotta get back to work!

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