” Art and Gift and Expression “


Being an Artist, I often wonder,
"What is Art?".

For making a life as a living thing, I don’t see so much special meanings in Art there. Only to keep our body to live, what we may need is just some simple basic things, such as food, water, air etc.. and other things could come along as subordinate matters. But still, I know that our spirits can not live without Art.

In these couple of days, my work schedule gave me a lot of hustles and I could hardly have times to be myself. In the fuss, something hazy and irritating started getting piling up in me and they kept growing to pop at the end.

But I eventually had a chance to stop for some minutes to turn on my favorite CD.
As soon as the music started, the waves of the sound surged into my stomach and I felt some beautiful strained energy started sublimating all the black fogs into the air which had been accumulated in my soul.
Feeling something in me floating up in the air to be held in clear power, my vision started fading into my inner world.

(Angela Gheorghiu : Vissi D’arte, Tosca, Puccini)


Why our souls get so shaken when we touch these special creative juices called ‘Art’?

I am a believer in the existence of the incorporeal spirits in our body. Scientifically, our bodies are composed of the sum total of the carbon. Then, why the mass of carbon can move, think and feel? Wouldn’t it be a little lame to explain them with some electrical responses?
I rather feel that our bodies are just the carriages of the spirits. The true characters of us are the shapeless form of energies we have in the core.

(Sylvie Guillem : Bolero)


"Sylvie Guillem" is already my Goddess. Her strength to control herself and her body to pursue her expression is my goal.
I saw Guillem’s Bolero in Japan in 90’s, which was sealed by her in 2005. This performance was specially danced again in 2007 for memorial stage for Maurice Bejart in Tokyo, Japan.

When I saw her stage for the first time, I got a thunder struck. I did never expect a female dancer danced this Bolero. Still Guillem’s Bolero was neutral. I felt as if I were watching a well-honed performance which is being danced in the banquet of Gods there.
I believe that is the power of Art to release our spirits to transfer to anywhere beyond times and physical distances riding on the waves of the energy that the inspirations leads, no matter where our bodies are at.

(Kseniya Simonova : Sand Animation)

People who were born with special talent are called ‘Gift".
But ‘Gift’ is not meant only to describe themselves. ‘Gift’ is also meant for their talents to be shared for us, being the mediums to transmit the God’s energy to our hearts through their various ways of expressions.

(Valentina Lisitsa : Liszt, Totentanz) 


What the mysterious power of the Gifts is, if you met them in regular daily lives, they could be quite ordinary persons, but once they stand on the stage of expressions, they transform themselves into divine possessions using their body as the transmitter of the revelation from the power above us. Those metamorphosis always give me goose bumps.


After all, I may be able to say that Art is the essential energy which feed our spirits, connecting our individual souls to the power above.

What are we artists for?
We are for showing you what you’ve wandered for to find the home of your spirit…
Today, I wrote about Gifts in third person form ‘They’, but someday, I wish the day comes when I could write ‘We’.

(Hiroko Sakai Fine Art)


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